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Thread: Zimbra Desktop and Syncing HTC Wizard

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    Default Zimbra Desktop and Syncing HTC Wizard

    Howdy, I have a Cingular HTC Wizard, Ubuntu laptop and CentOS 5 desktop.

    I'm interested in using Zimbra Desktop on these systems and would like to keep my HTC Wizard synchronized with my laptop and desktop.

    Currently, I accomplish this by synching via Active Sync and MS Outlook on a soon to be retired Winows machine.

    Is it possible for me to keep my contacts, calendar, tasks and emails synchronized between Zimbra Desktop and my HTC Wizard?

    I don't have a Zimbra server, and really only have a USB connection available to connect the HTC to the desktop / laptop.

    Is this possible or planned?

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    I should clarify, the Zimbra Desktop only gets email via Yahoo, and any calendar, contact and task entries are located only on my desktop and HTC device, no Exchange or Zimbra servers in the mix.

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    USB-dock sync is not planned. If this feature is important to you, please file an RFE and let users vote. At zimbra we often incorporate popular demand into product roadmap. Thanks!

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