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Thread: open attachments read-only

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    just for the archives, openoffice does this, it is not zimbra's fault. however there is a button "edit document" in OOo that lets you edit read-only documents.

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    Default pref.js can set this option

    Hi All,

    I realise this is a very old thread, but I have just encountered this problem with ZDesktop 2.1 in Windows, and this was the only thread that came up on a search.

    I was able to resolve it by doing the following.

    1. Ensure Z Desktop is closed (in windows, right click task-bar icon and choose exit).
    2. Find your zimbra prefs file, on a windows 7 machine it is located here:
    C:\Users\ajackson\AppData\Local\Zimbra\Zimbra Desktop\profile\prefs.js
    3. Add the following line to the bottom of the config
    user_pref("browser.helperApps.deleteTempFileOnExit", false);
    4. Start Zimbra & attachments should now open in read/write mode.

    Not yet sure if this is a permanent solution to the issue though.

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    HI JA,

    I am using win7 64 bit and Zimbra Desktop 7.1.4 GA. My attachments are opening readonly. I am forced to save them to the Harddisk and then open them as editable. Is there any way i can open them directly editable and then save as in MS Outlook. Please help.


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    Hi vgopik,
    I'm still using this same fix with 7.x and it still works okay.


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