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Thread: [SOLVED] Auto complete names in Calendar

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    Default [SOLVED] Auto complete names in Calendar

    Using the Zimbra Desktop, when I create a new calendar event and add attendees the auto complete starts working for the first name I add. I say starts working because if I type in "John" I will get all of the names that start with John and if I then put in a space then to start typing the last name all of the names go away.

    Also after I complete the first name by selecting one from the list, when I start typing the next name after the semicolon nothing comes up.

    I tired this using web access to our Zimbra server and it works fine. Any thoughts?

    Sorry I closed and restarted teh desktop and it works correctly now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamick View Post
    Sorry I closed and restarted teh desktop and it works correctly now.
    Welcome to the forums,

    You might also wish to vote for this RFE: Bug 25263 - GAL support in offline

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