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Thread: email list is limited to max 100

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    Default email list is limited to max 100

    Hi all,

    Can we change the maximum of emails/addresses that are shown on one page from 100 to something bigger?

    Some of my users are asking for that. What do you guys think?


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    Having a limit helps save memory/IO/CPU cycles, reduces the strain of having to render them all in a browser, & against a server it also reduces bandwidth. But of course there could be situations where you might not care or 100 doesn't begin to affect performance - thus there is an zimbraPrefMailItemsPerPage attribute which can actually go higher (though it doesn't add it to the user selectable drop down - it just applies it). It's a 'user-beware' approach to ignoring performance norms, increase it to your own liking; if we didn't fix it to a max of 100/drop-down in the end-user UI it'd be prone to hi-values and forgetting that's the cause of slowness. And that only makes a source of negative feelings towards a product when it becomes slow to navigate. Perhaps at some point we'll mimic some other clients and give a false bottom (then an option to click and add more to the view as you scroll down) - it's safe to say that we're always looking to better it.

    You can vote for Bug 7411 - allow display of greater than 100 (or arbitrary number) items per page (title, description & component conflict - basically wherever we can increase it we will - that bug kinda teeters between user web-client and admin console web-client). Though most just really want something like Bug 4175 - Permit the selection of all messages in a folder so you can take action on lots of mail items at one time, but implemented as a 'select all results'.

    Zimbra's indexing is very powerful: Search Tips - Zimbra :: Wiki (examples of the queries possible)
    Many find it handy to set preferences > general > show advanced language in the search bar.
    Some may say it's tedious to search through emails 100 at a time especially if you don't know who it was from or what it was about, but they must have some idea on what your hunting for - most don't sit back and admire 1k emails at random. You could open a RFE for something like a mail-trends or Xobni in the web-client, we did did have a start of a Social Zimlet (that's not being pursued at the moment because of license restrictions) to show traffic & connections across a search (plus is:anywhere & a big enough max results to cover across all your mail would be a little much for it).

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    Hi Mike,

    You are right, its only for rare actions with lots of emails at once, like moving them to different folders...

    so Bug 4175 – Permit the selection of all messages in a folder is exactly what I need.


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