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Thread: BUG: right click on email address doesn't work

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    Default BUG: right click on email address doesn't work

    You guys designed the feature such that when you click on an email address in an email within Zimbra, the program will go against the established conventions of the INTERNET and bring up the "Add to Contacts" menu instead of sending an email to that person.

    In order to do the latter (more common) task, you ask the user to right-click on the email address and choose from a menu of functions. You do realize that (at least on my Vista PC) as soon as I right click anywhere, it brings up the Cut/Copy/Paste dialog box which covers your dialog box almost entirely, making it almost completely useless.

    Instead, I have to hold my finger down on the right click and move the mouse slightly so the dialog box appears elsewhere. unclean.

    Fix this please.
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