i would really like to have more frequent updates on Zimbra Desktop Client.
I myself run zimbra ose in a 3 user environment for private use and i have just installed it at my workplace putting an aged Tobit David (horrible Groupware) Installation to rest.
I am really excited about multi platform groupware solutions in general and since zimbra is actually the first to actually get it done i would really love to follow its progress more closely. Unfortunately my spare time is limited and actually checking out svn and building it on a regular basis is a bit to much for me.

So i wanted to ask. How about creating nightly or weekly builds that are not available to joe average but anyone interested enough to find a forum post here that tells him modify file xyz, put line abc here and the autoupdater will give you more frequent updates and if it brakes, you get to keep the pieces and may not whine

Good Idea? Bad Idea? Doable?