I have a problem where the clamav in my zcs is apparently missing viruses that my desktop antivirus catches. The consequence is that the message is quarantined and zd can't move it to the right place. When that happens ZD pauses, switches to offline and tries again after little while. The same procedure as last time -> I get a bunch of virus warnings on my desktop.

My workaround is this:
* locate the error in the ZD log
* check the file name that the message containing a virus were supposed to be moved/renamed to
* ssh into my zcs-box
* locate and open the message from the file in the store
* find the message in the web application
* deleting it from the folder and then again from the trash
* refresh ZD

Two questions.. Is there an easier workaround? Isn't there a more graceful way for ZD to handle this situation?