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Thread: ristrict users to use gmail/yahoo config.

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    Default ristrict users to use gmail/yahoo config.


    i have large setup working with zimbra mail server, i just now downloaded zimbra desktop and it looks better then what we are using .
    now user can easy and fast access their mail through zimbra desktop.

    i have only one question can we remove or ristrict user to use gmail / aol / yahoo mail account services . if yes i am keen to know how to disablel this feature.. as i want to allow them to use only zimbra and other pop/imap access.
    any idea or help needed !!!!


    Sorry to tell you i m using zimbra server 5.0 and desktop version : zdesktop_0_90_build_1278_win32.exe
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    well, manually remove them is easy. you should just remove these choices from the jsp page, which is located at <install>/jetty/webapps/zimbra/desktop/new.jsp.

    But then how do you repackage the modified version is a question. We don't have a custom packaging process for this.

    May I ask why you want to disable these? Most of our enterprise users actually want these features.

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