Hi all,

We (a company) need to get confirmed one thing before we go from Exchange (yeah, it sucks) to Zimbra. This is how we need the multiple accounts email system to work (which we do in Outlook with Exchange); All employees has their own personal account and all these accounts has full access to sales@ and support@ which means each employee can see each inbox for their own account as well as sales@ and support@. 3 "sets" of folders for each account visible at all times.

The question is;

Can we set up those accounts so each employee sends a sales@ note (from the sales@ inbox) and then have the sent note stored into the sales@ SENT folder? As I am using it now (web client), that is not happening and a sales@ sent note goes into my private sent folder. This makes it hard to see what another employee has replied when the sent note is in another’s sent folder.

Did I explain myself clear? I hope so. A local provider is checking this now but it takes quite some time and we need to get away from our today's Exchange provider.

What kind of IT level do I need to be at for installing Zimbra on our server if we dont want to do a Hosted version? Our server is hosted but dedicated server so we should be the access to install it. Is it difficult and time consuming?

Thanks and I hope you can help.