I am working for a School District and a couple of months ago migrated to NE from testing with FOSS. (RHEL5)

When I first setup zimbra the email addresses were spelled differently than what they are spelled as now for instance ( [before NE edition] john.doe@domain.com [after NE edition install] johnd@domain.com)

Now since I converted several mailboxes from the FOSS edition to NE when those particular users compose a message they end up receiving in the quick address search two addresses. One being the new correct GLA address and the second being the wrong (FOSS) address.

I have yet to be able to see how to remove the stale addresses so that some users will not be sending an email to a non-existent account.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this from the quick search?

I have already checked the user's Address Books including the "emailed contacts" address book and the stale accounts do not exist in there either.

Kind of a weird problem and I am sure someone has an easy fix.

Thanks alot,