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Thread: fatal problem: zimbra not starting in vista - can I retrieve emails?

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    Exclamation fatal problem: zimbra not starting in vista - can I retrieve emails?

    I'm having problems with zimbra again, it's not starting at all, remaining stuck on the loading page. I've included details below, but I want to know if there's a way i can somehow isolate a certain account's email messages and make SURE those are backed up? I have messages that are local and not on the server.

    In trying to back up the five suggested folders (store, derby, log, relog, and index) before uninstall, the file below comes back as "error 0x80070570: the file or directory is corrupt and unreadable"... the file names include:

    c1160.dat (178MB)

    I uninstalled zimbra, keeping the files, then reinstalled, got this error message at the very very end of the installation when it's "starting yahoo! zimbra desktop core service", the error message is:
    "failed to inject zimlets. some features may be missing." the setup then closes

    I then try to start zimbra... same problem EXCEPT NOW I get an error message, "couldn't start yahoo zimbra desktop server, giving up"... this one sounds familiar.

    Did a restart, back to original problem of Zimbra not starting indefinitely. I STILL can't stop Zimbra from the Task Manager Services, I get the message "The operation could not be completed. access is denied". There is no zdesktop process even though a zimbra loading window is open, but there is a Prism.exe running that is actually using close to 50% of processing power. Closing prism.exe closes the zimbra window.

    It's getting obvious there is a problem within those 5 folders but... I have emails that I FORGOT the sync with my online server so they are ONLY on my computer. Any way I can save these separately?

    PS. I also CAN'T rename the Zimbra folder, I receive the following error message: "Need Permission to perform this action", also, when I try to take full control of the entire folder through Permissions, and have taken ownership. I dont get Vista sometimes..
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