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Thread: Help with Vista and Zimbra Desktop

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    Default Help with Vista and Zimbra Desktop

    Hello folks. I am setting up Zimbra Desktop as my daughters default email client.

    I installed zdesktop_0_91_build_1338_win32 on a new Dell Inspiron 1525 running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1.

    This is my first experience with Vista - ugh...

    I had previously installed Outlook 2k3 and when trying to configure it to touch her school's email servers, I learned that they just deployed Zimbra.

    Because I like the web interface, and she is now used to it, I decided to install ZD vs using Outlook and a connector.

    I used the gui in ZD to set it as the default email client. When clicking on a mailto:blah@blah.blah link, the ZD client indeed opens into draft new email dialogue, but the web client pops up a dialogue window indicating that there is a problem with IE's default app config.

    The dialogue box reads "could not perform this operation because the default email client is not properly installed"...

    Can anyone offer up some guidance so as to allow the web-client to function as expected - i.e. not barf up the error dialogue.?.

    Thanks, in advance!


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    You need to go: Options->Global->Other->System Defaults

    check the box says: Use Zimbra Desktop as default mail application

    Save your change.

    That should do it.

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    If you've already set zd as the default mail handler, can you attach a few screen shots?

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    TodWulff Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by jmhe View Post
    If you've already set zd as the default mail handler, can you attach a few screen shots?
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yeah, I did indeed already have ZD set as the default mail handler - from within the ZD Options GUI - however, I could not find anywhere in the WIN32 guis where I could select ZD as the default 'mailto' protocol handler. Vista, frustratingly, would not offer up ZD as an option for the default mailto protocol handler within the Default Applications dialogue...

    I spent a couple of hours on it last night, and then decided to cave and make outlook her email client. I searched for and found the default tools directory on her school's ZCS, downloaded the connector, installed it, and haven't looked back.

    I suspect that the security aspects of Vista have things locked down so thight that it would take a lot more time and experience than, frankly, I have.

    Again, thank you for your time. It is appreciated. Have a good one.


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