Congratulations on the good work until here! I was desperatly looking for a Outlook replacement for a client who can't take the thunderbird complexities and I found Zimbra - very user friendly and open.

I have a simple question, which I did not see here in the forum in the quick search I made.

I have a google apps for domain added as a gmail account in zimbra - programmed to sync all folders and to do that at each minute. E-mail works well, but when I make a change on the servere side (through webmail interface or other IMAP client), such as moving an e-mail from one folder to another, deleting mail etc, such changes are not reflected in the zimbra client with the minute-to-minute sync.

However, when I manually click the "Check Mail" button, magically all changes are instantaneously applied and zimbra then reflects exactly what I got in the webmail.

Is there anything I am setting up in the wrong way? Also tried adding the account not as a gmail account, but an IMAP account, but the same issue persists...

This is the only gripe I have now about the implementation and replacement of thunderbird.

My client also misses vertical pane previewing of e-mails, but that's not at all a deal breaker.

Thanks a lot for your good work guys.