Our company uses Squid proxy servers to access the Internet. One of them is configured to validate users through our Active Directory; the other is not. I am running the Zimbra Desktop on my Linux workstation (Fedora 9 - KDE4) and once a day the application pops a window and prompts me for a user name and password to authenticate to the proxy server that is integrated with AD. Searching around on the forums, I'm guessing that this is the auto-update feature of the Desktop trying to access the Internet. My question is where is it pulling the proxy server information from? On my Linux workstation I don't use the proxy server that is tied to AD; I use the other one. I don't remember being prompted for a proxy server during installation. I have double-checked Firefox, Konqueror, KDE System Settings, Java control panel, bashrc, etc. and I cannot find anywhere that I am using the AD integrated proxy server. From the post I found on the auto-update feature I know that I can disable auto updating be editing a configuration file, but I'd really like to know where ZD is pulling this information.