As of right now, I don't see any logical organization of the .msg files that Zimbra Desktop stores. In the zdesktop/store/ folder, I see folders with numbers that don't necessarily correspond to the folder organization that I have inside the zdesktop client. Upon going in and looking at some of the message files stored within a single filesystem folder, I see messages from several different zdesktop GUI folders. I even see messages from Local Folders mixed in with messages that are kept on the Zimbra server in a single local filesystem folder.

If there is some kind of logic for how messages are stored on the filesystem, I'm not seeing it. My initial reason for looking into this was for backup purposes: I would like to back up all local folders, but they do not appear to be easily separated in the filesystem for backup. From what I have seen on the ZCS server filesystem, the folders follow a similar numbered naming structure, but messages actually stay separated by the logical folders that were set up in the webmail GUI.

Does anyone have any input on this and/or is there any plan for this structure to be changed after zdesktop comes out of beta?