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Thread: multi-domain administration delegation

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    Default multi-domain administration delegation

    Hi all, I work for an Italian ISP that historically had a proprietary (I am one of the creators) messaging platform. Things change and I am evaluating other platforms (one is Zimbra, the one I like more - to be honest -).

    We have been always focused on customer self-provisioning in order to mitigate the effort of our Tech Support team. One common problem is a single customer with many (tens or hundreds) domains that sometimes has the needs to delegate itself the administration to a third party. For these reasons our platform allows delegation of what we call "customer profile" quite similar to a CoS, but with the difference that it is a container of domains, mailboxes, aliases and distribution lists with limits in terms of number of objects , size and features, but not in terms of domains.

    Besides, profiles support "single level" sub-profiles with the same concept.

    Is there any way to do this with Zimbra? It should be something like to delegate a sort of "Global Administration" for a subset of domains with quota restrictions.

    Thanks a lot,

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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is not available in ZCS' admin WebUI yet.
    There's an RFE : Bug 5254 – Domain Admin can own multiple domains

    However, as everything is available through SOAP, ZCS is one of the easiest platform to integrate into your own current "Control Panel" application if you have one (or develop a new one).

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