Hi all, I work for an Italian ISP that historically had a proprietary (I am one of the creators) messaging platform. Things change and I am evaluating other platforms (one is Zimbra, the one I like more - to be honest -).

We have been always focused on customer self-provisioning in order to mitigate the effort of our Tech Support team. One common problem is a single customer with many (tens or hundreds) domains that sometimes has the needs to delegate itself the administration to a third party. For these reasons our platform allows delegation of what we call "customer profile" quite similar to a CoS, but with the difference that it is a container of domains, mailboxes, aliases and distribution lists with limits in terms of number of objects , size and features, but not in terms of domains.

Besides, profiles support "single level" sub-profiles with the same concept.

Is there any way to do this with Zimbra? It should be something like to delegate a sort of "Global Administration" for a subset of domains with quota restrictions.

Thanks a lot,