I am using Zimbra Desktop,the latest build.

Great client,but i am missing some useful features,that other clients have standard.

Since Zimbra Desktop is ment to act as a desktop email client like Mozilla Thunderbird or Outlook,it should implement a feature that collects simultanously the emails from all accounts you have cofigured (the send / receive all - send / receive emails from all accounts),which is not present.

I have configured Zimbra to view 3 gmail accounts and one yahoo account. If i want to download the emails from a specific account,i have TO VIEW THE ACCOUNT and click on the Get Mail icon. I have to do this 4 times - for all 4 accounts,if i want to see if there are mails globally in all my 5 accounts.

I know that Zimbra Desktop can be configured to check and get all emails from an account in a specific time interval and if i put the same time for each account,it will download simultanously the emails from all these accounts. But i want to have the option to do this manually,like in Outlook - when i click on Send / Receive all,the program checks ALL accounts simultanously and downloads the emails,or sends emails that wait in Outbox.

In Zimbra,the Get Mail button downloads only the emails from the account i am currently logged in,and not from all,even if i am connected to all my accounts

Is there a workaroud or a solution?

Also,a progress bar during the send / receive procedure would also be nice.