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Thread: Messages gone from Yahoo! Server

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    Default Messages gone from Yahoo! Server

    Hi, I have several problems.

    First at all, I use Zimbra on Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition. Zimbra DO NOT LET to register my Yahoo Account. It do not take a long password so I must use "Other POP3 IMAP accounts" option in order to configure my Yahoo Account. Obviously it is a big bug.

    I did so and I forget to check "Leave messages in server" option and now all messages in Yahoo Server are gone but I have them in my computer. I need to know how to do in order to re-upload all messages to Yahoo Server.

    Thank you and I hope your help!


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    Welcome to the forums

    Why not forward them all back to your Y! account ?

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    Hi!, Thanks for welcoming me. I hope to contribute to Zimbra in any way.

    Forwarding back is one possibility, yes. But must I forward them back one by one? Because if I select first 50 messages, for example, and try to send them, all messages will go as attachment of 1 e-mail and I will lose all "normal" possibilities like "reply", "search" and so on, like in a "normal" inbox you will have.

    I still believe there is a bug either in Zimbra because it does not let to configure a Yahoo Account with long password (this is the beginning of the problem) as on Yahoo Server (o maybe it should be a Zimbra feature too?) since there is no a tool for retrying back messages from your computer with Zimbra Desktop to Yahoo Server, at least not in an easy way.

    I am a "Dummy" with Zimbra so I wait for the most "experienced" gurus' answer

    Thank you in advance!

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