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Thread: [SOLVED] Message replies don't go to inbox?

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    Default [SOLVED] Message replies don't go to inbox?

    Our university just switched over to campus-wide Zimbra webmail. I've only been using it for a week or two, and I'm somewhat confused by the way Zimbra handles message replies and forwards.

    Here's the situation: I've set up a number of mail folders. Someone sent me a message, and I replied, then I moved their original message to a mail folder that I had set up. Subsequently, they sent a reply to my reply -- but their reply did not go to my inbox, but instead went to another mail folder where I had filed their original message.

    At first I thought I had set up a mail filter, but I had no filter that would have caused the message to be sent to another folder.

    I realize that it's great to have the messages threaded all together in one place, but other webmail systems such as Gmail at least have all inbound messages appear in the inbox, no matter if they are new messages or part of a thread.

    Am I missing something here? Is this caused by a preference setting that I'm unaware of? I'm just concerned that I'm missing incoming replies to e-mails because they skip the inbox and go directly to where the original message was filed.
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