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Thread: Difference between ZCS and Desktop?

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    Default Difference between ZCS and Desktop?

    I'm new to Zimbra, and don't quite understand the difference between Zimbra Collaboration Suite and Zimbra Desktop. I know that Zimbra Desktop is a desktop application, but once ZCS is installed on a web server, is Zimbra Desktop required on each end-user's computer? Or is ZCS a standalone product that optionally uses Zimbra Desktop?

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    The latter -- ZCS has a web interface that requires no per-user install. Though Desktop enables offline access, which many people find useful.
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    In addition to what Dan just said, Zimbra Desktop and ZCS don't have 100% overlap in terms of features. Certain ZCS features don't yet exists in Desktop, including view doc/pdf in HTML, attachment search, and instant messaging. On ther other hand some Desktop features don't exist in ZCS, such as multi-account view, Yahoo/Gmail contacts/calendar sync, and platform integration like popup notification.

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