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Thread: search via Inquisitor - multiple spawned browser tabs

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    Default search via Inquisitor - multiple spawned browser tabs

    I'm using the 0.92 build 1418 win32 build of Zdesktop - which by the way, has really increased in functionality recently, am very impressed - big thanks for adding sharing!

    I will file this as a bug, but wanted to see if this make sense first, as maybe it is somehow specific to my setup. If I do a search in the Yahoo search bar using the new Inquisitor - and do not pick one of the suggestions, merely hit the Enter key after typing in my bug... I have Firefox 3 spawning a never-ending series of tabs for that search term. I have to kill the firefox.exe process to stop it. This _seems_ to be with Prism/Inquisitor, as using Firefox to talk directly to localhost/zdesktop.exe, no issues.

    I have a 6-meg AVI file to demonstrate that I am happy to PM (but as it displays my Inbox, would rather not make public that).

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    please file a bug. this sounds like a bug. I'm pretty sure if you restart the gui it will work again. Thanks!

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