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Thread: Following link from mail to web

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    Unhappy Following link from mail to web

    I've just downloaded and installed Yahhoo's Zimbra Desktop on Vectior Linux 5.9 Standard. (It is also available for Mac and Windows and is Open Source.) It MUST be installed as user! OoooKaaay! Installed with out any problem. It does take a bit of time to get fully synced with my Yahoo mail account. But it is wonderfull to be able to browse some of my saved mail. And replying to new messages worked flawlessly. My next todo is to link to my gmail account.

    I have one issue, however: When I click a link to a web page in one of the messages, my browser, SeaMonkey, opens to my home page! I have to go back and copy the link from the message then paste it into the navigation bar - What a pain! This process works without problems from other applications.

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    You've posted this in the ZCS forum, I'll move it to the correct Desktop forum.


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