Hi there,
I installed Zimbra Desktop at the end of last year and think it is great, however there are a few things that I just can't work out:

Please note: these are all related to 1418, I am just downloading 1433 now.

Questions - and these are probably of the "D'uh - stupid user type"
Q1) When composing a message I seem to have to save it as a draft to be able to look at another message that I want to use as a reference; is there anyway of opening multiple messages in tabs or new windows?
Q2) Is it possible to create a common calendar within ZD for different accounts? i.e. I have Yahoo mail and a work e-mail account running on ZD, can I create a view so that appointments on both calendars are visible in one view? Work and social life often overlap...

I1) It seems to link some random messages together from different message strings, is this a known beta issue?

Misc - these are other things I had noted before reading through the forum, and whilst I have seen comment on them think it is worth including in case number of comments influences priorities:
M1) The briefcase seems superfluous if you can't use it to attach docs to messages
M2) To make it a really killer app and to enable me to genuinely replace Outlook, I need to be able to import current messages from there.