With conversion of Georgia Tech from POP to Zimbra and IMAP, I abandoned Eudora for Apple Mail, which is not as flexible as Eudora. So I installed the Open Source version of Eudora 8. But I cannot get it to interact with the Zimbra server at Tech. I can't find anywhere or any information as to where to enter my server side password to access may IMAP account and to sent mail using the SMTP server.

I realize this is a Zimbra forum, but I was hoping someone might know about this dilemma and could tell me how one authenticates a Eudora e-mail account with a Zimbra server. The Eudora 8 account setting process provides a place to check that the account is SSL protected, but nowhere can I find a place to enter the password.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Don O'Shea