I have recently attempted to install the email reminder zimlet from gallery.zimbra.com into Zimbra Desktop.

Using previous threads on zimlet installation from the forum the installation completed successfully and upon restarting the service the zimlet appeared in the Zimbra Desktop interface.

On first use it prompted that it needed to create a new calendar and restart the browser to be usable. Once this process completed I have run into problems, as it appears not to have created the second calendar.

On trying to use flag a message or drag a message I am prompted to add a reminder, but an error always pops up

"Item 1459 does not exist"
msg: no such item: 1459
code: mail.NO_SUCH_ITEM
method: CreateAppointmentRequest
detail: soap:Sender
data: [object Object]

No such new calendar exists within the calendar tab. On attempting to remove the zimlet and re-add it I am no longer prompted to create a new calendar and it continues with the "Item 1459 does not exist" error.

Is there any way to get this zimlet to work with Zimbra Desktop?