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Thread: Won't Get Back Online...

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    Default Won't Get Back Online...

    I just downloaded Zimbra Desktop 0.92 build 1433 last night. with only a yahoo email and calendar account syncing. Everything worked fine - but this morning I went on a plane - and when I turned my computer on it was offline - and worked fine... However, when I reconnected - the offline (red box icon) next to the word folders stayed there, even though its set to sync every minute. I pressed send/receive nothing happened...

    Then I restarted the program - and in place of the red square - I get a white circle next to the new folders title which says "status unknown."

    I also restarted the computer - same issue... Am I missing something? The "show html" works when I click the link on an email downloaded last night - so there is some connection... But the outbox hasn't been sent nor have the new emails been loaded... I've been connected for about an hour now...

    Am I missing something?


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    Clicking the send/receive button should get you back on track.

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