Hi guys

Trying to setup an IMAP email on Zimbra Desktop MAC. I have already tried setting up the email in both Microsoft entourage and Mac Mail and work perfectly fine, however when tried in Zimbra i get the following:

IMAP server is : bacon.comcen.com.au (incoming and outgoing)

service.FAILURE: system failure: Unable to connect to IMAP server: DataSource: { id=56114ea9-805d-4650-adc9-7a4485efcb45, type=imap, isEnabled=true, name=xxxxxx, host=bacon.comcen.com.au, port=143, connectionType=cleartext, username=xxxxxxxxx, folderId=1 }

i manually changed the "name" and "username" fields to xxxx values otherwise in setup they are set correctly.

Why doesn't Zimbra accept these details when Entourage and Mac Mail have no problems at all.

I'm runnig leopard 10.5.6. anyone can suggest a fix?

Thank you