I'm new to Zimbra and had an OHS failure today (Operator Head Space - I had a failure between my ears ) when I was setting up my accounts on my Macintosh. I have 3 emails I wanted to get into Zimbra from Yahoo, Gmail and MobileMe. The Yahoo and Gmail were a snap, but I had to fight to get the MobileMe setup.

In the process I mistakenly added it as a POP instead of an IMAP account, and when I finally figured it out and got IMAP to work, all my mail was gone. It had all been downloaded and seems to be in the store/ directory, but I can't figure out how to get it back into my IMAP account.

The .msg format looks like an MBOX file, which I tested when I added 1 file into Entourage and it loaded fine. I've got ~16,000 messages that need to be loaded and trying to do that one file at a time would be ugly.

Any suggestions on how to create one large MBOX format file and load it into Zimbra or Apple Mail so I can get it back into the IMAP server?