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Thread: Free/busy time interop with Lotus Domino

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    Default Free/busy time interop with Lotus Domino


    We are moving from Lotus Domino to Zimbra, but this migration will take a loooooong time (due to some applications developped under Domino)

    As a result we have to be able to use resources located on both system, and of course see free/busy time from people still under Domino. So a both direction synchronisation is needed.

    I check the following post who brings some hopes, but no usefull informations on how to achieve the goal. All information are for Exchange. The free/busy API seems to be the solution but I was unable to find any information.

    Some other post are related, but without answer:

    Any hope / idea ?

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    Last paragraph is about the API...

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    Bonjour Klug.

    I already see this wiki page.
    It really doesn't help me much.
    I have no idea on how to achieve the interop with that information.

    I download the SDK, or try to find some hint in the source code of the Open Source version but without luck.

    Any example, further documentation or procedure on how to use this API ?

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