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    Hi -

    I'm using my 'I answered a question first' newby karma on this one...

    First let me say 'I LIKE Zimbra!' it kinda slipped under my radar, and that was 'cause I wasn't tracking things Yahoo enough.

    I'm interested for a couple of reasons. First, I'm a 'cross platform is good' type. Second, I think Outlook might be the worst software design ever - LOL. We all have bad days Bill. No Biggy. And Thunderbird is just a little too underwhelming for my taste.

    I recently had to 'interview/audition' software for groupware stuff, and re-discovered Zimbra. I wasn't really looking for heavyweight stuff, but I did need a client that would accomodate several types of account gracefully. So I DL'ed Zimbra Desktop and began my testing. I liked it! (I'm secretly Mikey in another life).

    Then I hit the 'deal-breaker'. In the business world, those Windows desktops are ubiquitous. And, for better or worse, equipment gets shuffled, IT departments have 'loaners' and the same machine may be 'shared' by part-timers or be in a shared environment, like a Front Desk or receptionist. Its a common thing. I can't get Zimbra Desktop to sort things out by 'local user'.

    I have read through the threads about this, and looked at the bug reports, but am unable to figure out if solving the 'multiple users/same machine' issue is currently active on the agenda. I noted carefully how Zimbra installs and where it locates files/applets on XP, Vista and Win 7. Doesn't look promising. I may be missing something too - that is why I am posting this.

    I would offer suggestions, but I would rather hear feedback before opening my yap.

    I'm hoping someone will brighten my day and tell me there's a work-around or that 'its in the works'. But I will be content with 'just the facts, m'am'.

    Jon B

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    Here is the enhancement bug tracking this issue: Bug 27936 – offline : Multiple Zimbra Desktop users on one machine

    Quite a few people have asked for it - so it would receive higher priority soon.

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