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Thread: VPN's and Outlook

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    Default VPN's and Outlook

    My company requires me to run Outlook through their VPN.
    Can I use Zimbra as a second email client for my personal email accounts?
    Has anyone tried this?
    I would want to have both Zimbra and Outlook open at the same time?
    Does it use double the resources?
    Thank you
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    I've had both running on the same computer, which is how I did my testing of the beta. I had the same accounts setup as well and no problems. When I am at home, I have the option of using VPN for mail if I choose. You shouldn't have a problem using Outlook for work email and ZDesktop for everything will be running 2 programs, and so more computer resources, but on most modern systems, that's probably not going to cause you any pain.
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