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Thread: Couple of questions aboout general stuff and features.

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    Default Couple of questions aboout general stuff and features.

    Hey, guys. Zimbra is a great client, I think, but not everything is shiny for me. I did extensive research here and there and found some aswers, but still:

    (info:I'm using zimbra desktop for my gmail, yahoo and other pop3 account, no online collaboratioin stuff, looking for replacement for outlook)
    1) In the left pane, all email accounts, but one are minimized. I think I found someone saying, that there's no way to expand them all, like in Thunderbird, right?

    2) Also, if you have few email accounts, calendar, contacts, they are all separate. If you create a meeting in one, it won't show in second. Same with contacts. As i understand, I can't do anything about it, exept manually exporting-importing, which I'm not gonna do - too much headache. Right?

    3) I'm gonna get Iphone or Nokia 5800, but I won't have internet on it (plz don't ask why). But I need to be able to sync the calendars. Not through internet, but by it into my laptop).I'm not sure if i'll have to buy paid version, or not?

    4) Since you guys are more up to date, when we should expect the next RC or final product?

    Will very appreciate your answers.
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    1-3 are on the road map.

    regarding release schedule, RC2 will be between now and 2/27. 1.0 will be around end of March.

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