Can someone with more experience with gmail and zimbra proof my thinking here?

I'd like to migrate my outlook 2003 pst based stack of emails to google apps (google for domains). I believe the google-email-uploader tool will copy all of the pst based emails to gmail, and create labels for the various folders I have created.

On my other gmail accounts I've only made light use of labels but I can get used to how they're different from the outlook folders. I now see that a recommended way to use gmail is to categorize emails via labels and then archive them; more or less parallel to how folders work in outlook. That way the inbox has less of a load; but everything is still there and available via the labels and All Mail. To date though I've archived almost nothing in my inbox.

So an issue I've read about here is that zimbra desktop does not replicate the All Mail folder, for reasons stated in the faq. So what's the best practice? Is the fact that zimbra desktop does not have an All Mail folder is so important? ZD seems to synch the labeled emails pretty well.

But since I've only used gmail in a superficial manner (for a couple years) and am very new to zimbra desktop, can anyone point out the gotchas? It'd be a real drag to move from outlook where all of my stuff is nicely organized in folders, to google apps and zimbra desktop, and then find that there was some serious issue with organizing messages in the new system.

One issue that may come up for me is that I have a lot of folders. I don't see how the realtively simple folder/label menu systems of zimbra desktop and gmail will be able to present such a deep stack of folders gracefully. It's hard enough with outlook.

zimbra desktop seems like a great solution. Thank you for making it available.