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Thread: Network Starter Edition questions

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    Default Network Starter Edition questions

    I have some questions regard zimbra Network Starter Edition. I have setup a test environment with your open source edition. So far I like it. I only have one problem and that is that we need for 10 employees to have the outlook support.
    What we also need is an unlimited number of webmail accounts for our consultants.
    If we subscribe to the Network Starter Edition will we be able to use the backup/restore feature with the standard (web only) accounts? Also are there any limitations to the number of standard accounts with starter edition?

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    Welcome to the forums

    # 15 Professional Edition mailbox licenses (with Outlook/Apple sync, back-up/restore, and more)
    # Software & updates only with NO Zimbra Support
    # Additional mailbox licenses cannot be added; nor can Zimbra Mobile or Zimbra Archiving and Discovery
    Each webmail account would be classed as a mailbox.

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