I have two email accounts which I am accessing through the Zimbra Desktop client. One is a gmail account that I was using for both personal and work-related communications (I am an independent contractor), and the other is a Zimbra account that has been set up for me through my primary employer.

I applied gmail labels to all of my work-related correspondance, so it sorts nicely into folders within ZDC, and I have also set up filters within gmail (web) which apply these labels and also forward a copy of relevant emails to my Zimbra account, starting today.

However, I would like to copy all of my old messages from gmail to "zmail" folders within ZDC, and I am having a tough time doing that. Batch forwarding ("select all" --> forward) sends all the emails as attachments in one message, rather than forwarding the messages plainly so that I can easily see the message bodies and do text searches on them etc. It seems impossible to select the gmail "work" folder or all of the messages within it and just "copy" them over to zmail.

What would be the best/easiest way to accomplish moving my old messages? Please note that I am not a programmer or IT admin.

Thanks for any suggestions!