I have ZD build 1513 running under Mac OS 10.5 connected to my ZCS account, and the other day I configured it to also access a secondary account on an IMAP server.

I also set up my Zimbra Web client to show mail on that secondary account via Preferences:Mail:Accounts.

Recently I noticed that the dock icon for ZD was showing about a hundred unread messages, which was strange since I couldn't find any in my ZD client.

Finally I deleted the external IMAP account in both environments and the ZDC icon returned to normal. Now it seems that when I add the external account back to ZDC (never mind ZWC), it shows the account's folder structure but none of its messages. The ZD icon gets a value corresponding to the unread messages in that account, too.

I suspect also that it was incrementing the count of unread messages in the dock icon based on the external IMAP account, but it wasn't scanning properly and so it just kept adding. (Maybe after each time I shutdown/restartd the ZD service; I've been doing a lot of that lately for testing purposes.)

The only other details I can offer is that I'd marked a lot of the mail in the external account as Junk within Zimbra, and I'd also deleted a folder in that account. However, the folder didn't "stay deleted", and at least some of the junked mail doesn't seem to have been removed.

Has anyone else seen anything like this?