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    Default advise for desktop edition...


    I think is better start learning Zimbre Desktop from the beginning...

    I've installed Zimbra Desktop edition because some friends has advised me. They told me that Zimbra has several advantages regarding Outlook express, MS outlook, eudora, tunderbird, etc.

    I've a project of migration to Ubuntu desktop edition in several workstations. So, I really don't know if Desktop edition is the best option or any another version could be better?

    Thank you!

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    I just recently made the switch from a custom Debian based Linux distro to Ubuntu. I think Ubuntu Desktop Edition would be best as it is meant for desktops. Server and Kubuntu editions don't run well as desktop OS's(IMHO). If you are running Zimbra Server, Ubuntu Server MAY be a better choice.

    In case you are new to Linux, I thought I'd mention Mepis. It's based off Ubuntu but it has fewer bugs. The only problem with Mepis is that it uses KDE instead of Gnome. (In case you don't have a clue of what I'm talking about, basically it will look different than Ubuntu.)

    Zimbra desktop runs well on both Ubuntu and Mepis (In my experience).

    Hope this helps!
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