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Thread: [SOLVED] ZD Window stuck maximized, no titlebar

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    Default [SOLVED] ZD Window stuck maximized, no titlebar


    I have a non-technical user who "did something" to her Zimbra Desktop so that it takes up her whole screen, and no longer shows a titlebar. This is on Windows XP, and she cannot even see her Start menu or taskbar when the client is running. If she hits Ctrl-Esc, the Start menu and taskbar will appear, but selecting "Restore" from that menu, or even "Maximize" (since sometimes that will force a badly-behaving window to fix it's dimensions) does not help. This behavior persists across application restarts and Windows reboots. Is there something I can do to tell ZD to reset its window dimensions?

    She seems to think this happened when she viewed an embedded YouTube video and clicked the "fullscreen" icon in the YouTube flash player.

    Thanks for any help.

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    1) exit ZD
    2) backup this file zdesktop.webapp\localstore.json (in case you make a mistake editing it)
    3) use notepad to open it
    4) look for "fullscreen":true
    5) change true to false (don't change anything else) and save it
    6) start ZD

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    Press F11.... Most likely that will fix it.

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