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Thread: Bug: Cannot create a mail with a alias from, main email account override it

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    Default Bug: Cannot create a mail with a alias from, main email account override it


    I have a account with multiple alias, with zimbra desktop, i can't send a mail with a from differents from the mail account email.

    i have no problem with the zimbra webmail client, it's only in zimbra desktop.

    for exemple:

    my account email is :

    and my alias is :

    if in options->account :

    From:Choose the name that appears in the "From" field of email messages

    i choose as sending address,

    and when i create a new mail, my from is always "" and not "".

    zimbra 5.0.14 - Zimbra desktop 1.0 build 1518
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    You should be able to add the "alias" as a new persona (in the same screen),
    save the changes.

    When composing a new message, you should be able to specify the account that you want to send from.

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