I've been reading around the forum for a couple hours this morning and find myself confused.

I've used Outlook for almost 12 years, with 4 POP3 accounts.

Recently, I started a new job. It is my boss, and 3 employees. He needs all our calendar and contacts to be shared/visible with each other, etc... That's easily handled with Microsoft Exchange, but 4 employees doesn't justify the cost of Exchange, even hosted, being a start-up and all.

We do some other things with a company that offers a web version of Zimbra, that will allow for all the functionality I mention above. As a matter of fact, I've got it all set up, and just have to get the .PST files imported in.

My question is, is there a way to sync my (and my boss') Blackberry to the web version of Zimbra? I've read a few threads that seem to indicate Outlook will have to be involved, etc... Can anyone give me a clear understanding of how this is done, high-level, and then I'll dig around here for the step-by-step instructions?

Thanks, and look forward to working with you guys for a long time.