hi all,
i recently changed my laptop and i run zdesktop RC3 on both (just upgraded).
i want to transfer all data from fedora to mac and did the following:
export 'allFolders' at source and got a tar ball;
imported the tar ball at destination;

but this gave me only the folders and part data only, but not all mails are transferred. even when i tried to sync with the server, no use.

my observation:
The mac UI shows that couple of folders are 'turned off' for syncing. so i turned them on for sync but still all mails didn't appear.

The fedora UI didn't show the 'green' button adjacent to every folder and those folders are not there in the server too. so after i turned them 'sync on' in mac that they appeared on the server, but the data in fedora is not pulled into the server.

pl help me get my data which is very imp for me.