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Thread: ZD RC3 Is Live

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    Arrow ZD RC3 Is Live

    Zimbra Desktop 1.0 RC3 Build 1537 should already be on it's way to existing users automatically - but if you still haven't checked out the offline capable client yet, the download is available here.

    Some fixes include:
    05664 - Webpage in contact don't sync with Y! account
    35715 - Disable share folder options for local folders (throws no such item exception)
    35770 - RESOURCE_UNREACHABLE in calendar sync
    35828 - yahoo address book sync bug
    36111 - ParseException thrown for empty IMAP CAPABILITY response
    36239 - local to remote msg zimbra sync does not preserve date
    36268 - hotmail contact no longer available

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    Default Ubuntu Repos?

    I see that the Ubuntu repository still has an old build. Will this be updated?

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