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Thread: Turn off "Last Sync" ToolTip over account list?

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    Default Turn off "Last Sync" ToolTip over account list?

    Hi Folks,

    I was wondering if it is possible to turn off the "last sync" tooltip over the account list on the left hand pane of Zimbra Desktop? I'm on RC3 (1537).

    I have several accounts, and the tooltip sometimes gets in the way of quickly clicking between them. It is mildly annoying :-)

    Any help much appreciated.



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    Default Tooltips on account names: bug?

    This feels more like a bug to me. The problem is that, if you have more than one account, a mouseover on any random account displays a tooltip below that account. it will inevitably cover any account that is below it, so that you cannot click on the account(s) below.

    The tooltip should be offset so that it does its best to stay out of a user's way. At a minimum, a certain number of pixels between the left margin of the list of accounts, and the left margin of the tooltip, should always be maintained. this would allow a user to click where they wish to click.

    Every tooltip needs at least enough 'intelligence' to make a reasonable attempt to stay out of the way of reasonably expected user actions.

    I have 10 accounts in Zimbra desktop and this is more than mildly annoying - its a fully-qualified frustration. ';--(

    So I am curious as well: is there any way to turn off tooltips? It's also not hard to think of cases where they are completely unwanted.

    Ron Wodaski

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