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Thread: Signing email with certificate

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    Default Signing email with certificate

    I am using Zimbra desktop on Windows and i am trying to figure out how to sign outgoing emails with certificate. the feature might be called digital signature as it is in thunderbird.

    The situation is that in the Czech republic certain trusted certificate authorities (like can issue a certificate which can be later used for email signing. These signed emails can be used with official communication with courts,IRS etc..

    But i cannot find possibility to import such a certificate in either zimbra desktop or zimbra ose. Only certificates are those under adminconsole but if I understand that correctly those ones are for connection to server authentification.

    I also do not see a button or option when composing message to digitally sign the outgoing message.

    Is anybody out there who can confirm that zimbra cannot do that?



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    Bug 13108 – Domain Keys and signed inbound/outbound mail

    i found an entry in bugzilla for that, so it looks ZCS cannot do it. VOTE for the bug if you miss it.

    for me it is a blocker at the moment.

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