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Thread: Adware in Zimbra !!!

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    Default Adware in Zimbra !!!

    I am new Zimbra Desktop user.
    I use a Mac Book. When I use Safari browser and try to send a link to the current page to an email recipient a "pop up" add appears.
    for InterNeTT Services. It hijacks the Zimbra desktop and will not go away. I have to restart Zimbra.

    I already run popup blockers and Sophos antivirus software but these do not seem to stop the Zimbra desktop jumping to the advertisement.
    I have attached a picture copy of the advert below.

    How do I get rid of the ad and check to see if anything else is lurking under the "hood"?

    With thanks in advance,

    Zimbra so far? It is a bit light on the import and export facilities (no .csv, .eml or .pst) but otherwise I think it is amazing.
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