I am trying to add my account using the microsoft live hotmail pull down option. here is the error i keep getting.

service.FAILURE: system failure: Unable to connect to mail store: DataSource: { id=454e3fd6-c562-437c-81ad-709582299df5, type=live, isEnabled=true, name=xxxxxxx@hotmail.com, host=www.hotmail.com, port=80, connectionType=cleartext, username=xxxxxxx@hotmail.com, folderId=1 }

If i try to use the hotmail pop settings and setup a pop account, im able to fetch my mail, but it does not allow me to leave a copy on the server saying UIDL is not supported. so im forced to download my mail forever, which i dont want to do. also i cannot sync my contacts this way.

so how do i get hotmail synced, leaving a copy on the server and sync contacts as well?