My company is hesitant to move to Zimbra due to the fact that we cannot utilize the "File | Send To | Recipient as attachment" option within our applications (Excel, Word, etc.). This option works in our current environment and would therefore require a significant sacrifice were we to choose Zimbra. Here is more background on our situation:

* We are currently using Outlook 2000 to "pop" mail from sendmail
* Most of our team members connect to a virtual desktop using a thin client that accesses a Windows Terminal Server; a minority have laptops and/or PCs.
* We need a real collaboration system
* We have narrowed the list of options to Microsoft Exchange and Zimbra
* If we purchase Exchange, we will receive licenses for Outlook 2007.
* Zimbra appears to be viable only if we utilize the Zimbra Web Client to replace Outlook 2000 as the default email client.
o If we were going to upgrade Outlook, we might as well go with Exchange

As stated above, the biggest shortcoming for Zimbra appears to be the inability to easily send documents that you are working on. Here is my understanding of the challenge, along with a recommended solution...

* Programs that want to send email will attempt to launch the default email application
* Since Zimbra Web Client is actually a website, rather than an application, it cannot be set as the default email application.
* Zimbra Desktop is an application and can therefore be the default email application.
* While organizations using the Zimbra Web Client as their main email client could possibly install Zimbra Desktop as the default email application, they do not want to as it would cause many other challenges due to the full synchronization with the Zimbra Server.
o Confusion for the users
o Duplication of data
o Unnecessary network burden
* Therefore, I recommend creating Zimbra Desktop Lite, a significantly scaled down version that provides only the following features
o True synchronization of the address books (Global, shared and personal)
o No other Zimbra Server data would be downloaded to Zimbra Desktop Lite
o One way synchronization of sent messages - messages sent with Zimbra Desktop Lite would be synchronized with the Zimbra Server just like any message sent using the Zimbra Web Client