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Thread: pop3 account - can't leave mail on server

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    Default pop3 account - can't leave mail on server

    First I can't create a pop3 account for a pop3 server that is already providing perfect pop3 access to Entourage.

    Now I try an and another mail account (pop3) that works perfect with Entourage, iPhone, and MS Outlook - and I get an error message that this server does not support leaving mail on the server - which is 100% false as both the iPhone and Entourage leave the mail behind for Outlook to read and delete.

    So far I am 0 for 2 - there is no way this product can be called enterprise ready !!

    I was planning on a corporate roll-out when we move over to Oracle Beehive, but this mail client does not seem capable of doing any pop3 work.

    I have attached the desktop log is anyone is interested.
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    Some idea of what server you're connecting to might help.

    BTW, as this seems not to be an installation problem, I'll move it to the correct forum.


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    See: Bug 30643 – Optional Support to disable UIDL-Requirement for POP3 Servers

    This is targeted to be fixed for ZDesktop 1.1 release.

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    the first problem is at which is a plesk mail server.

    the second problem is at which is a mail server offered from Irish telecoms provider Eircom. I would not have access to the server software versions.

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