This may be the wrong place to post, but I could not find anything regarding the inability to connect to my email hosted at godaddy. I can access the following from my windows, linux, and mac computers:

Domain hosted at
Domain hosted at

None of my computers can connect to my email hosted at GoDaddy. I really want to use Zimbra, but after my fourth attempt at installing and setting up Zimbra for all computers, this one GoDaddy problem remains. I am not trying to use ssl certs, nor am I trying to do anything with servers, etc.

Can anyone show how to access my account using the and to get to GoDaddy?

I'm getting frustrated at this point and if I can't get it to work I'm unlikely to try this again..

Email clients that do work with all my accounts:

Spicebird ( my current fav )
Outlook ( yuck )

I've been trying to find a great email client and Zimbra looks like it's the one - if it would only work...

Thanks in advance.